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Reservation status and type

In this chapter, you can learn more about the meaning of reservation statuses and types and where you can view them.

1. Prerequisites

Before you can view a reservation’s status and type, a reservation must exist.

2. General information

Reservations can have two characteristics:

  • Status: There can be several and customisable reservation statuses, such as: Temporary, Definitive, Check-In, Check-Out, Paid.
  • Type: The reservation type is often used to identify groups of people.

2.1 Where do I determine the status and type of a reservation?

Both can be entered and modified while creating and editing a reservation. Read more

2.2 Where can I see the status and type of a reservation?

This information is displayed:

1. On the Dashboard, in the “Check-In” and “Guest in House” windows.

2. In the reservation plan:

  • The status is indicated by the reservation’s background colour.
  • The type is indicated by the reservation’s text colour.

3. In the reservation list, where the two coloured dots indicate the reservation’s status and type.

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