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Police Notifications Multi

1. How do you print all police notifications for a day’s arrivals?

In this chapter, we explain how all police notifications for a certain day’s arrivals can be printed at the same time.

2. Prerequisites

“Multi Police Notification” must be configured in the document list. If this is not the case ask CASY support for activation of this document.

3. The process

3.1 How to print the “Multi police notification”

Go to the “Reservations” menu.

In the search field “Arrival” enter the date for which you want to print notifications. Filter the reservations with the “Enter” command or the “Search Reservations” button.

Click with the right mouse on a reservation and choose the “Select/deselect all reservations” command.

Uncheck any unwanted reservations. (A)

At the top right appeared the menu for multi-documents

In the documents, choose the “Multi Notifications” document.

Then print the multi-document.

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