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Introduction to reservations

In this chapter, you can learn more about the information provided and available actions in the reservations’ section.

1. Prerequisites

Before accessing the reservations’ section, you must log in to CASY using your credentials. In the main menu, click the “Reservations” button on the left.

2. Elements of the reservations’ section

The reservations’ section has two main parts:

  • Filters to search for reservations (A)
  • List of reservations (B)

Reservations can also be exported. To do so, you can use the “Export CSV” button at the bottom of the list. (C) Clicking on this button, you will generate an Excel file with all the reservations’ data. This can be useful for creating marketing campaigns outside of CASY.

The reservations you want to export can be filtered using the filters explained in section 2.1.

2.1 Search filters

To filter the reservations, two options are available.

Basic search: There are 4 fields to filter the reservations you want to view.

  • Person: You can enter both first and last names or parts of them. (A)
  • Total Arrival: The reservation’s arrival date. (B)
  • Total Departure: The reservation’s departure date. (C)
  • Open Cash: All reservations with an open balance until the chosen date. (D)

Advanced search: by clicking on the arrow to the right, an advanced search with additional search criteria appears. (G) Depending on the field, you can choose from a list, a date from a calendar, or you can enter a word.

To activate the search after entering the desired filters, click the “Search Reservations” button or press Enter on your keyboard. (E)

If you want to remove the filters, click “Clear filters” and the reservation list will be automatically reloaded in the order of the last reservations edited or entered into the system. (F)

2.2 List of reservations

There are 9 columns of data in the reservation list. (A)

  • By clicking on this button, the reservation’s accounts are displayed. Read more
  • Res.Id.: the reservation’s ID
  • Title
  • Person: guest’s last and first name. This may differ from the address.
  • Total Arrival: arrival date
  • Total Departure: departure date
  • Room: room number
  • Documents: here, you can view the documents available for each reservation.
  • Remarks: any comments that might have been included in the reservation.

In the rightmost column, there are several icons. (B) Those further to the left depend on the activated modules and may represent:

  • The reservation’s status
  • The reservation type
  • Police Notification
  • Newsletter delivery

The rightmost icons show the possible actions for a reservation. They will be explained in section 2.3.

You can sort the list by each column in ascending order by clicking on the corresponding column title. With a second click, you will sort the list in descending order. By default, reservations are displayed in order of creation or editing.

2.3 Possible actions on reservations

Actions on an individual reservation

Different actions are available for each reservation depending on the activated modules:

  • Click on the icon of the desired reservation to see the connected accounts. Read more
  • In the “Documents” column, you can select a document and print it . By clicking on the document name, a preview will open. Read more
  • The rightmost icons allow the following functions:
    • Add a credit card
    • Edit the address of the reservation
    • Edit the address to which the stay is billed (this icon appears only if the billing address differs from the address of the person staying)
    • Edit reservation
    • Delete reservation
  • If you click on the 3 dots at the end of the line or right-click on the reservation, a menu with additional possible actions will appear. Read more
  • Add new reservation: Use this function to create a new reservation for the same address as the selected one. The arrival date is set by default to today and the departure date to tomorrow. You must then assign a room. Read more
  • Copy reservation: Use this function to create a reservation with identical information to the selected one. You will be able to define new room numbers and also copy the accounts of the original reservation. Read more
  • Show reservations of this guest: This function shows all reservations for the selected address.
  • Edit reservation: More information
  • Selection/deselection of all reservations: This function allows you to select and/or deselect all the reservations in the list, in order to perform actions on the selected ones.
Actions on multiple reservations

Actions on multiple reservations are designed especially for groups. Read more

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