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New Reservations

In this section, you can learn more about the different components of the “New reservations” section in the dashboard.

1. Prerequisites

In order to access the dashboard, you must log in to CASY using your credentials.

2. Parts of the “New reservations” section

In this section, you can see the new reservations entered into CASY.

There is a calendar to select the date you wish to view (A). By default, today’s date is set, and new reservations of the last 24 hours are displayed. In the table below, there are 7 columns:

  • Res.Id.: Reservation ID; by clicking on the ID, you can view the details of the reservation (B)
  • Time: Time at which the reservation was registered (C)
  • Guest: guest’s surname and name (D)
  • Total Arrival: Date of arrival (E)
  • Total Departure: Departure date (F)
  • Room: Room number (G)
  • Remarks: Any additional comments (H)

In the lower left corner, the total number of new reservations is displayed.

If there is a new reservation for a guest with a name and surname that is already registered in the CASY database, it will be marked in red. To merge double addresses, keep reading on this page.

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