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1. What functions are there for documents?

In this chapter, we explain the functions related to the documents visible in the reservations or reservation list.

2. Prerequisites

Before you can use documents, you must have at least one reservation and be in the reservation list view mask.

3. Open documents

Click on “Select Documents”

Documents will be shown in a list.
Those in the language defined by the client header are shown as the first documents.

Click on the name of the document

3. Open documents in preview

Click on the name of the document.
This opens in preview mode.

At the top you will find

  • the “Return to Reservation” command (A ) with which you can close the preview window and return to the starting reservation.
  • the “Print” command (B) with which you can print the document. The window for choosing the installed printers opens. With this command you can use the “Save as PDF” system printer to create and save a PDF document.
  • the “Email recipient” command (C ) with which a blank Email is opened in the default Email program in the PC operating system with the customer’s Email as the recipient.
  • To insert the document directly into this Email follow this procedure:
    1. In the document preview click inside the document.
    2. Click the Ctrl + a command (select all).
    3. Click the Ctrl + C (copy) command.
    4. Click the “Email holder” button (C).
    5. In the text of the Email click on the command Ctrl + v (insert) .
  • To insert the document as a PDF attachment in this Email follow this procedure:
    1. In the document preview click on the “Print” command (B).
    2. Choose the PDF printer and save the document.
    3. Click the “Email holder” button (C).
    4. Attach the newly saved document to the new Email.
  • With the “Currency” box (D ) you can choose a currency from those configured. A second column will be added to the document with the values in the chosen currency and with the exchange rate defined in the settings.

  • In area (E) you can edit the text of the letter. These changes will be printed or saved in the PDF printout.

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